Thigh Reduction Unsuccessful First Time - Is This Common?

i had thigh reduction in june 2010, bilateral when i went for review doctor decided more liposuction was needed, was very uncomfortable experience was done with injections to deaden pain, i was fully awake, now he has decided to redo the upper part of thigh under general anaesthetic, is this common or is it due to my age 51 and the lack of elasticity in skin.

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Residual excess skin - fat after thigh reduction surgery

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There are 2 issues here the first is skin condition (elasticity and excess or amount of excess) the second is the amount of excess fat. For a good aesthetic result there has to be a balance between these 2 components. The more fat you remove the more skin you will also have to remove. Your post does not supply enough information to give you a specific answer to your current condition. When you say you had a thigh reduction in June 2010 I assume you mean removal of skin and fat. An unfavorable result can then be due to a variety of reasons that are patient specific, surgical technique specific or both. A mismatch between skin envelope and underlying fat can contribute to an unfavorable result. The course of treatment or correct surgical approach would then be based on the mismatch and how to correct it. If the mismatch is not accurately assessed you can never correct the problem.

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Volume of fat removed from thighs

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Your age, your skin elasticity, weight, medical history, smoking habits, presence of cellulite, history of sun exposure and volume of localized fat are all factors that will determine the outcome and effect the success of  any liposuction procedure. 

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Thigh lift touchups

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You don't mention whether you had a lot of weight loss prior to your first surgery.  If so, that changes the elasticity of the skin.  Age also decresaes skin elasticity.  Body contouring procedures can change skin quantity, but not skin quality.  You got a good 10 years out of your iniital lift, so that's pretty good. 

Carmen Kavali, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Body lifting - it's all about your elasticity

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At 51 your elasticity will not be great especially if you have had massive weight loss which is usually the case in thigh lift patients.  It is not uncommon to need to retighten the tissues in a second stage procedure in these circumstances.  Keep your expectations limited at your age.

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