1 Month Post Thigh Lift With Groin Incision. Necessary To Wear Garment? (photo)

I had a thigh lift, groin incision 4 weeks ago. Is it necessary to wear compression on that area from now on to avoid thigh from sagging again.

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Not necessary to wear garment 1 month after thigh lift.

Plastic surgeons are split about wearing compression garments after thigh lifts.  Some have their patients wear one, I do not.  I do occassionally have my patients wear UnderArmour which is a light compression, but it's for comfort mostly and does not provide any lifting or prevent any tissue from sagging again.

Compression garments after thigh lift

While it is never absolutely "necessary" to wear compression garments, I usually recommend wearing these garments for 2-3 months as tolerated for the maximal benefit and reduction of localized swelling.  To specifically answer your question, a garment may aid the support of your tissue during the healing process, but they do not really provide any real lift.

Tito Vasquez, MD, FACS
Southport Plastic Surgeon
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