Can Inner Thigh Lift Scar Be Located in Knee Area?

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Knee Incisions During Thigh Lift Surgery

A variety of treatment options are available when patients undergo medial thigh lift surgery. As a general rule, as medial thigh skin sag becomes more severe, the incisions utilized to correct this problem advance further down the leg.

In mild cases, the incisions are confined to the groin crease. When this problem becomes more extensive, skin resection will be necessary in multiple dimensions. This necessitates an extension of the groin incision along the inner thigh towards the knee. In severe cases, this incision may actually extend vertically across the medial knee.

Since knee incisions can be problematic, they're avoided whenever possible. It would be extremely unusual to utilize an isolated knee incision.

It's important to realize that thigh lift surgery needs to be tailored to meet the patient's aesthetic goals and address their anatomic findings. For this reason, it's important to consult a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in this area.

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A thigh lift usually requires a bikini-line scar on the leg, or more

I have used a scar on the knee to tighten the inner thigh, but the tissues need to be lifted upwards and this usually means a bikini line scar, and often one along the inner thigh (where your inseam would be).

The operation is a trade of the excess skin for a legnthy scar, and you have to decide which problem bothers you more !

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