Thigh Lift and Gaping Vagina? Doctor Referral in Washington DC Area?

I am ready for a consultation. Should I travel far to find a doctor. I do not care so much about the scars, but gaping vagina really scares me! Are there any doctors in the Washington, dc area that specialize in thigh lift? Inner thigh lift. I really think this is all I need right now just to feel ok in shorter skirts and a bathing suit. I also feel that the skin elasticity is most horizontal rather than vertical. Would incisions in the groin take care of that or am I looking at a long scar.

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Medial Thigh Tuck and Gaping Vagina

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Before Dr. Ted Lockwood of Kansas City, and Dr. Fred Grazer of Newport Beach, CA, taught all plastic surgeons how to do a modern medial thigh tuck, the old school technique of removing the excess medial thigh skin and sewing the peri-vaginal skin to the inner thigh led to pulling open of the vagina (i.e. gaping vagina).  Today, there is an anchoring of the medial thigh skin and the peri-vaginal skin to the periosteum of the pelvic bones with permanent sutures.  This anchor technique, using a minimum of six anchor sites, eliminates the problem of gaping vagina and also scars which travel down the inner thigh and become visible outside of the bathing suit (distal migration of medial thigh tuck scars).  I apologize for all the technical jargon above, but this was such a great question, i couldn't help myself.  The Washington, DC area has the largest number of plastic surgeons per capita in the United States.  If you choose a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience in body lifts, you should get an excellent result.

Medial thigh lift

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I am not sure you are asking to repair gaping vagina after medial thigh or how to prevent gaping vagina when doing medial thigh lift.

In any way the medial thigh lift is done through a grion incision most of the time (hidden scar)

To prevent this and prevent migration of the scat and thus pulling on the vagina, one has to put sutures from the skin to the pubic bone (periostiium) to seure the scar from migration and thus gaping vagina.

These sutures are permanent sutures and has to be put under the labia majora.

Scar migration can occur even with these sutures, it all depend on the quality of skin to hold.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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