Scar Looks Big a Week After Inner Thigh Lift with Mini Butt Tuck

I had inner thigh lift with a mini butt tuck only a week ago but the scar is so big it looks like a duck tail and I had lipo on the outer part of my thigh "saddle bags" now the skin looks very loose and wrinkled, will it tighten up over time. am I still to early to tell? right now it looks bad.

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Recovery after a thigh lift

Allow all of your skin to settle and allow the swelling to resolve before making an assumptions about your results.  Be patient, as this may take 6-8 months and then you can discuss revisions with your plastic surgeon.

One week after thigh lift

It is difficult for me to comment without seeing your results, but at one week it is very early and I would give it some time to heal.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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