Thigh Lift Possible with Lower Body Liposuction?

Can Thigh lift be done at the same time as hip, inner and outer thigh Lipouction, in conjuction with a belt lipectomy?

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Thight lift with lower body Lipo possible, but dangerous

Whenever you lift tissue, you separate it from parts of its blood supply.

In the case of a thigh lift, the incision line cuts off blood supply from above. When you "lift" the tissue, you cut off the blood supply from the muscles below. So the only sources are from the sides and distally.

If you lipo the sides and distal areas now you are cutting off almost, if not all, sources of blood supply. The skin can die. If it does not die, it will heal poorly.

If lipo is done in conjunction with a lift, it has to be done at a safe distance from the lift so there is at least some blood supply left intact for healing of the lifted skin.

A famous Plastic Surgeon (Gillies) once said: "A succesful Plastic surgery operation is the uneasy marriage between Beauty and Blood Supply."

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