Thick-skinned patient that needs Medpor implant in tip removed--columellar strut or implant? What's the difference?

I was injured after having a medpor tip-top graft + ear cartilage put into a nose that lacked real cartilage/was scarred from 2005 rhino. Now the nose is massively swollen/pollybeaked after healing well for 2 months. I would like to get a 3rd rhino & hope it's my last. I know I need support-how do I choose what will work best for thick, oily skin? I worry rib is too heavy/warps but silastic has it's own problems. Can I use fascia or a strut for tip support?

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Infected implant?

If your implant is infected it should come out and no new graft should be placed until you are completely healed.  Best of luck

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Medpor Implants and Rhinoplasty


It still sounds like the medpor implant may be infected. If it is I would recommend removal sooner than later. Other materials can be used for augmentation, each case is unique. Best consult several surgeons to get an opinion.



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