Thick skin Rhinoplasy: How can I achieve the "Holywood" look? (Photo)

I have a more rounded face from age. I understand rhinoplasty might be difficult but was advised Chin augmentation may balance my nose. Last thing I have receding hair in small parts and would love to have long hair to grow with the rest. My question is from the pictures you see and what work I can do to achieve a so called Hollywood look?

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What is the "hollywood look"?

Not sure what you're asking when you say the "Hollywood look."  Most of my patients don't want to look "done" like they do in Hollywood. Likely you want a more rugged look. My suggestion is to see a facial plastic surgeon who can address your concerns one by one. You also may be interested in having some hair transplants to your anterior hairline. Pick specific things that you would like to address then see a few doctors to discuss potential procedures. Make sure you and your surgeon are "on the same page" about what you are trying to achieve.

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Thick skin Rhinoplasy: How can I achieve the "Hollywood" look?

  A rhinoplasty and chin implant may be reasonable from the description and the photos provided.

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