Thick Skin, Cartilage or Combine? (photo)

Hi,my nose is bulbous tip and oily.i know it is probably hard to tell truth with just photos but i hope maybe they're combine.Because i want refined nose.İf my thick skin is only shaped the nose i have to admit this situation.Maybe steroid injections helps but what is your opinions? When i touch my nose grey part(3. and 4. photo) is like bone not moving.But the red area is just empty space.While i touch around there i feel the black area which is tight and moving if i do circles with my finger.

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Thick Skin, Cartilage or Combine?

Only tip rhinoplasty would improve your issues. NOT steroidal injections! Best to seek in person opinions. 

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Rhinoplasty for bulbous tip

  A bulbous tip is best addressed with cartilage suturing techniques and cartilage removal during the rhinoplasty procedure. Steroid shots can help in the first few months after the surgical procedure to minimize swelling, edema and fluid retention in the tip. It is important to have realistic expectations before undergoing a rhinoplasty with such thick skin.

William Portuese, MD
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Bulbous Tip Rhinoplasty

The photos that you show demonstrate a bulbous tip. I would not recommend steroid injection as this will not help. The grey portion is a combination between your nasal tip cartilage and the nasal septum (just behind it). The black outline is your lower lateral nasal tip cartilage and it is normal to have a small space between them (in red). The cartilages can be trimmed and their curvatures can be made less obtuse to give your nasal tip more definition. Thick skin can also make the tip appear thicker and the underlying cartilage shape to be less apparent so this is taken into account when performing your surgery. It is difficult to appreciate your skin thickness from this picture, but I can say that you have done an excellent job of assessing your own nasal anatomy! For more information on what rhinoplasty entails, see a plastic surgeon for consultation.

Jeremy B. White, MD
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