Rhinoplasty for Correcting Thick-looking Nose?

On the side view, my nose bridge appears very thick, and looks like there's a separate piece covering half the nose, making the nose look unattractive and unnatural. Why does this occur? How can this be corrected through Rhinoplasty? Thanks.

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Rhinoplasty will sculpt and shape the bone and cartilage of the nose

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Rhinoplasty surgery is performed to sculpt and shape both bone and cartilage in the nose. If there is excess cartilage in the nose, this can be pared down, removed, and refined. Rhinoplasty is not skin surgery. The skin is lifted off the cartilaginous and bony framework while the new framework is sculpted and refined. The skin is then put back down, and those must be balanced and look very natural so it does not look like it has ever undergone a rhinoplasty.

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Need photos of your nose

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There many different conditions that can be improved through rhinoplasty. However, without photos it is difficult to answer your question. A full face close up frontal, base and side view would help. Find a good rhinoplasty surgeon and obtain an opinion.

Phillip Langsdon, MD
Germantown Facial Plastic Surgeon
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It depends on exactly what the problem is.

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 Usually, this is cartilage or bone on the profile view causing this appearance. Without seeing the nose it is difficult to say. The profile is normally corrected by doing nasal surgery to remove the thick part. See a rhinoplasty surgeon who can guide you through your options.

Toby Mayer, MD
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You can make the nasal bridge less prominent

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Through Rhinoplasty, you can carefully remove parts of the nasal bridge so that it looks less prominent and to your desires. This is done with different instruments. Genetics and development leads to this appearance. Sometimes trauma can cause this as well especially early on in life. You should definitely go to someone who has a lot of experience and someone who has an understanding of facial beauty.

Consulting a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon would be something that I would recommend. We specialize in the face and are highly qualified to help you with this.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

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