Can Your Muscle Tear Causing the Implant to Poke Through the Muscle?

I had a breast augment about 12 weeks ago. For the last 8 weeks I have had pain in my right breast and the crease of my breast below the nipple. At my 6 week post op appointment, my surgeon scheduled me for extra ultrasounds and said everything was looking great. However, now it feels as though the implant is poking through the muscle. It almost feels like a cyst. Is this possible and if so should I be worried and can it be fixed?

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Muscle tear after breast implants?

Hi there,

It is possible for the implant to displace after augmentation. Without pictures, it's hard to advise you.

The best thing to do is schedule an appointment with your surgeon and explain your concerns. It's 6 weeks since you've seen your surgeon, so your worry is understandable.

It may well be that there is nothing wrong at all, and the feeling you have is because you are probably right hand dominant and use that side more. If there is displacement, it usually is not a disaster at all but might need a minor revision to correct, at the appropriate time.

In the long run, it is not likely to compromise the quality of your result.

But have a chat with your surgeon, and that should make everything clear for you.

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Breast pain after augmentation

breast pain after augmentation

  • it is possible for the implant to push throug and be palpable
  •  more common with periareola surgery
  • can be comig through at the edge of the muscle
  • may require simple surgery if persistant

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