How Do They Look So Far? Had Breast Aug For Asymmetry? (photo)

My breast were breast Asymmetrical, big time. I went and they put in i believe 180cc on the tight side and 450cc on the left. I personally think they loom good so far, but what do you think my next surgical step should be to make the as perfect as possible for me?

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Breast asymmetry

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I would wait a few months to let evrything settle down before I would do anything.i have been doing breast surgery 34 years and have never met a perfect match.Congratulations.

Breast augmentation for asymmetry

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It sounds like you had a terrible asymmetry to start.  That being said things look good early in your recovery.  Good luck!

Revision for post-op asymmetry

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Although it is a little difficult to tell from your picture, it looks like your early results are quite good. It will take at least several months, however, before things have settled enough to be able to make any kind of accurate assessment of what your final result will be. So enjoy your new shape, be patient and continue to follow up with your surgeon who will be able to help you evaluate when (and if!) any revision will be necessary. Good luck to you.

Margaret Skiles, MD (retired)
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

I would only try left side to equalize right side/ trataria solo el izq. para dejarla igual al derecho

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i only would  lift and increase volume at left side in order to get similarity with the right side that means to lift  and increase only left side

solo trabajaria sobre el lado izq para dejarlo similar al derecho


Ramon Navarro, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

How Do They Look So Far? Had Breast Aug For Asymmetry?

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They look as good as your posted photo??? Need better photos to determine anything. Please re post better photos. 

Asymmetries can be hard to make "perfect"

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Thanks for your pic and ? If you can show a preop pic and a postop with a smilar background, it might be easier to appreciate what all was done. You appear to have a good result. Based on your comments, I would give it 6-12 months before entertaining any revision. Best of Luck!

Need more time before you consider a breast implant revision

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It is difficult to determine your exact degree of asymmetry from your photograph.  If your surgeon used two different sized implants then you had substantial asymmetry and your initial result looks quite good. You certainly need more time before even considering a revision.  

Perfect as possible after breast augmentation

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With the degree of asymmetry you had things look very well after your augmentation. Given the disparity in volume and shape of the skin envelope perfect is not often within reach and compromise is expected. We suggest you let everything settle six to twelve months and if the volume is correct, then skin envelope can be tailored to reduce the areola etc. but only if you feel you can live with the scar, and can't accept the remaining differences. All the best to you and your first procedure: it must be great to get into a 'normal' bra.

Asymmetry and Breast Augmentation

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You appear to have a good result. I would post a before picture if you have one and then a better after picture. If you do want any type of revision, I would wait until you're at least six months out to make sure you have the final result from this surgery.

Breast asymmetry can be nicely corrected.

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You have a very nice early result.  Do nothing for six months.  After that, you can consider having the diameter of the larger areola  reduced.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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