Do they shave your hair for a temporal augmentation through injecting fat?

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​Fat Transfer for Temporal Hollowing

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Fat Transfer for Temporal Hollowing

Hollowing in the temple area is rather common with aging. Fat injections to this area works quite well. It does not require shaving of any hair. It is done through small injection sites that typically leave not residual scars. The fat transfer is quite technique dependent, search out a surgeon with lots of experience with the latest techniques.

Fat transfer

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Hair does not need to be shaved in this area prior to the procedure. You should discuss this with your surgeon.


Temporal Augmentation Does Not Require Shaving Hair

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Whether temporal augmentation is done with fat injections or the actual placement of an implant, no scalp hair is ever shaved.

Shaving Hair for Temporal Fat Augmentation

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There is absolutely no reason to shave scalp hair for temporal fat augmentation. Ask your surgeon to clarify what will be done before the procedure.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Shave hair

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No the needles to introduce the fat are very small and do not require removal of hair- you should have literally no scarring

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