How Do They Purify Fat for a Brazilian Butt Lift and Why is It Important?

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Brazilian butt lift technique

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There are many ways of harvesting the fat and processing the fat after a Brazilian butt lift. Purifying the fat is a very broad term. When harvesting the fat with liposuction, there are many products that will be suctioned with fat that need to be removed prior to fat injection.  A fluid called tumescence is injected in the areas to be suctioned. This fluid contains lidocaine (numbing medicine) and Epinephrine (medication to control bleeding). When the fat is harvested, the fluid is a combination of fat, lidocaine, epinephrine and blood. Ideally, only the fat is injected in the buttocks. This is the reason why removing any but the fat that was harvested is important. There is a debate on which is the best option.  Some surgeons advocate centrifuging the fat (spinning the fat); others rinsing the fat with saline, etc. I typically do minimal manipulation of the fat to remove the blood and all the unnecessary products. This has been shown in experiments to be the best way to improve fat survival.

Brazilian butt lift and fat preparation

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There are many different ways to prepare the fat for injection into Brazilian butt lift. In my hands if I harvest of 3000 mL of fat with the liposuction I'll end up with about a 3rd 1000 mL of fat to eject the buttocks. Of this I expect about 65 to 70% of the fat to survive in the best case scenario. So that will give about a 700 mL change in the buttocks.

Some people centrifuge the fat, spin the fat, strain the fat and others like me let the fat sit in separate on its own. Another controversy is whether or not exposing the fat to air kills the fat. Another consideration is whether or not to add antibiotics to the fat before injecting.

There is no definitive method of that preparation. Each doctor uses his own experience, information he learned at conferences and what works best in his or her hands to try to give the best result to his patients as he can.

Wendell Perry, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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