Will They Even Out? Fall into Place? (photo)

I have scoliosis and so my right rib cage is wider than my left. Also my breast tissue is a little less on the right side as well. I got 200 cc under the muscle 4 weeks ago. My surgeon said he had to set the right implant more inward so that I would have even cleavage, but in doing so I now have a massive concave area at the bottom. I weigh 115 and I am 5'7" and before these implants I had 380 above without noticing the unevenness of my ribs because they were so big.

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Breast Implants "Settling” into Place?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

Based on your question and the previous questions you have posted it is obvious  that your situation is causing you (understandable)  anxiety. Unfortunately,  online consultants will not be able to provide you with a reliable prediction whether the breast implants will fall into place with time. There will be no substitute for “tincture of time” and following your plastic surgeon's instructions/recommendations.

Best wishes for an improved result.

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