Is Less Thermal Effect (Erbium) Also Less Collagen-reforming Than CO2?

Reading on Sciton's site that it's a benefit to have less thermal effect from erbium lasers -- because of fewer complications most of the time -- confuses me, because it seems the thermal effect is part of the collagen reformation process from a laser. A major Italian scar doctor, testing the "SCAAR" technology in Europe talked at length about collagen reformation and said there's evidence it's largely the heat profile which contributes to the stimulation for healthy collagen, etc.

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Erbium vs. CO2

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Yes, your concept is correct.  CO2 laser vaporizes the tissue, and has a significant zone of tissue heating outside of the so-called "zone of tissue vaporization".  The tissue heating leads to collagen re-formation and contraction....but can also lead to complications if overdone.
The erbium laser vaporizes the tissue, but leaves very little char or residual heat in the tissue.
Studies show, that if you treat to the same depth, both lasers are equally effective.

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