Will Thermage Work for Me? (photo)

i lost 90lbs and have loose skin on my chest arms and stomach im 18 i need to know if it will work. in the picture u can see what i mean

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Thermage for loose skin

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Unfortunately, you are not a candidate for Thermage.  You should consult a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss your treatment options.

Toronto Dermatologist

Thermage v. Surgery

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I would highly recommend surgery per your photos.  I would not recommend Thermage for optimal results. 

Hope this helps.


Dr. Grant Stevens

Thermage works only 40% of the time

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Thermage is a non-invasive device that can be used for skin tightening. this device works in only 40% of the patients. its very hard to predict who will be the right candidate for these procedures. but I can tell you beyond a reasonable doubt that it will not be able to give you the skin tightening you are looking for. your best option is tummy tuck and breast lift. even tumescent liposuction will not be able to tighten your skin. the excessive skin needs to be sugically addressed. kindly refer to your plastic surgeon for this

Thermage isn't the right procedure for you

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Congratulations on the major weight loss.  You will need resection of the excess skin of the abdomen, a breast lift (likely with implants to achieve a good result) and brachioplasty of the upper arms.  Thermage achieves a small amount of skin tightening but is out of the question for you.  The surgery(ies) you need are not inexpensive, in total so you may need to prioritize the areas of concern and establish a staged approach.  See board certified plastic surgeon in consultation to discuss your options.  Best of luck.

Will Thermage Work for Me?

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The photos shows you needing operative intervention not non invasive therapies, especially THERMAGE. Here on REALSELF the positive reviews are ONLY 40%! Very poor. 

Tightening skin after weight loss

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Thermage may improve some aspects of your skin quality, but it is likely that you will need body contouring surgery to maximally improve your body shape and contour. 

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