Anyone Know Which is Better-Thermage Vs. Ablative Lasers Vs. Lifestyle Lift?

Can anyone offer comment on the pros and cons of Thermage vs. ABlative lasers vs. Lifestyle Lift or suggest the best minimally or non-invasive technique? I am 50, beginning to show aging signs and am looking for employment. Understanding how "superficial" companies are today, I wanted to get some expert advice on what works best. Thanks so much!!

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Non Invasive Treatments

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Thermage is an excellent treatment to tighten your skin. It is completely non invasive and there is no downtime! If you are showing signs of sun damage (brown spots, fine lines, wrinkles) an ablative laser peel may be right for you, but you would need to consult your physician. The results are great if you have the time to recuperate after your treatment. IPL photorejuvenation may also be an option to remove sun spots without any downtime. Good luck in your search for employment. Take care.


Montreal Plastic Surgeon

Noninvasive methods

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If you are job hunting, I would recommend a combination of filler and Botox, subject to your personal needs. Thermage, if and when it works, takes a while to demonstrate a result. Lasers will have down time. And the lifestyle lift, which is advertised as minimally invasive, is an operation but one which does not have lasting results as it is superficial. I think that filler and Botox will fulfill your needs without surgery and produce more consistent results across the patient spectrum. Best of luck in your job search.

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