Thermage Better Than Velasmooth for Cellulite?

Is Thermage more effective than Velasmooth for the treatment of cellulite?

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Who knows! Thermage vs Velasmooth. Probably Endermologie

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No one really knows and this is purely anectdotal. I am not aware fo any study comparing the two.

Endermologie is probably the single most effective modality for cellulite bu the results are temporary.

Thermage proabably better for cellulite

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When someone develops a truly effective solution for cellulite, there will no longer be any debate. The fact that there are so many options out there right now suggests that there is no clearly superior technology, but I have had better results with the Thermage cellulite tip. Pics on my website at

Thermage is better.

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There is no super great solution for cellulite.  See the link below to an article in yesterday's New York Times.

Thermage is not primarily developed for cellulite, but is more likely to be somewhat effective by tightening the skin.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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