Is Thermage Same As Ulthera?

I had their age to lift my neck, it did not really work. Now I am considering Uthera but would like to know if it is more effective than their age? Renee

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Our experience with Ulthera

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We ran tests comparing the results of Ulthera and Thermage technologies, and were not satisfied with the Ulthera. Thermage non-invasive radiofrequency tightening is designed for use on mild to moderate laxity of the skin of the neck. Our patient satisfaction rate at our clinic with Thermage is 99.7%. As with all procedures, education and experience leads to optimum results.

Alpharetta Dermatologic Surgeon

Thermage and Ultera

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Are both non-surgical tightening mechanisms. There is a difference in the method of delivery but I am skeptical about both. They deliver very limited rejuvenation and tightening and most of the patients I see as a plastic surgeon require more aggressive treatment. I am reluctant to provide a service which I know will not produce a high level of patient satisfaction and prefer to use fillers for rejuvenation and for patients to save their hard earned money for surgery.

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