Thermage for Rough Under Eye Skin?

Hello, I am a 30-year-old male and I want to know if Thermage will work for me. I have very rough, bumpy, redish skin under my eyes and it makes me look very tired all the time. The skin is somewhat flaccid, but it is mainly the texture and redish purple aspect that give me that undesired look. It seems that if the skin under my eyes was healthier and less rough, I wouldn't have this tired look since I have no bags. Will thermage help improve the skin condition under my eyes? Thank you so much!

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Thermage won't improve rough skin under the eyes

You mention the skin under your eyes is rough, discolored, flaccid and bumpy. I'm wondering if part of your problem may be related to diet or some skin or hair product that you are allergic to. It could even be a sensitivity to laundry detergent. Until you rule out the root cause of why your skin looks this way, you may be asking for trouble with aggressive technology.

I'd strongly suggest that you visit with a board certified dermatologist for an evaluation and possibly some allergy tests. If there are no true causative factors, then you might be a candidate for a fractional resurfacing -- the focus here on "might". Thermage has some nice tightening effects but it won't affect your major concern.

Eliminate any potential outside cause first and then look into the fractional CO2 lasers like Fraxel Repair which provides excellent results around the eye area.

Irvine Dermatologic Surgeon
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Thermage is for tightening, not for wrinkles, I would recommend laser resurfacing

I would recommend laser resurfacing options such as fraxel lasers, erbium lasers and the like. There are non-ablative lasers such as v beam, cool touch etc but they are very subtle in their improvements.  Chemical peels are also helpul in improving wrinkles under the eyes.

Lenore Sikorski, MD
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Consider Laser resurfacing versus Thermage

What you are describing sounds more like a texture problem than just loose skin. often times people will develop various types of bumps under the eyelids. These can be enlarged oil glands, or growths known as syringomas or other types of growths less commonly.

Thermage can provide some skin tightening under the eyes but does little for true textural abnormalities. The beauty of Thermage is, of course, that there is no associated down time. One laser procedure that does tighten skin and will smooth out texture problems is Laser Resurfacing with either a CO2 or fractionated CO2 such as the Total FX/Active FX laser. This does have associated downtime of 5-10 days depending upon the energy settings used but produces wonderful results.

There may be other options sucha s other lasers or chemical peels as well depending upon the exact cause of your "roughness" so you should see your dermatologist to have these areas evaluated in order to determine the best treatment for you.

Edgar Franklin Fincher, MD, PhD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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