Will Thermage "Melt" the Fat That Has Been Injected Under the Eye and Tighten the Skin?

I have had a fat injection under the eyes about 3 months ago and I have been back to consult my doctor as the fat has lumped. She recommended that I consider a non invasive treatment, known as Thermage. Will this treatment work? What are the risks and would it perhaps make my problem worse? Should I wait for another 3 months before considering any other treatments?

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The reality is, Thermage is junk medicine.

Almost all patients I have seen are diappointed with thermage.

Thermage is used to melt fat, shrink skin, treat cellulite, and every ailment you have. Such miracles do not exist. Be careful.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Thermage in the peri-orbital region: caution

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I am not that familar with the use of Thermage in the peri-orbital region but that raises concerns for me and I would:

  1. Definetly wait the 3 months
  2. Definitely consult with another surgeon familar with facial thermage

prior to undergoing any additional treamtents

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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