Can Thermage Tone my Cheeks?

Hi! I'd like to get a toned and defined cheek. I'm really lightweight for a male (only 128 lb) but I have a baby-face haha. I've seen some thermage pics where the patients' cheeks got more toned. Do you think it could work for me?

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Thermage to tone cheeks


Thermage is really used more to tighten loose or sagging skin and stimulate collagen.  You don't appear to need tightening.  If you are trying to achieve more angular features and definition, as strange as it may sound, you may wish to consider adding fillers such as Radiesse to add to the cheek bones and jaw line.  Taking away fat from the face may sound like a good idea when you're young but you'll be glad it's there as you age.

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Thermage Cheeks

I believe what you are asking for is more definition to the cheek bone and less fullness. I dont think you would be a good candidate for Thermage cheeks. Your face is full and tight already, judging by your photos you seem relatively young. I would suggest you visit a board certified plastic surgeon in your area so they can steer you in the right direction. Good Luck!


Sofia Rubbani, MD, FACS, ASLMS
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Sofia Rubbani, MD
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