Thermage or Titan for Skin Laxity Under the Chin?

Hello, I've received a series of Accent XL treatments for tightening and firming. I've been happy with the results on my face, but still have laxity under my chin. Is Thermage or Titan a good option?

A physician, who does a lot of Thermage, stated that the new 16.0 tip in this area would work, and that it is soon to be FDA approved for this area.

Will this go too deep in this area? Would it be safer to have facial Thermage, and would I see results? Is a full-face Thermage treatment truly unlikely to cause facial fat loss -- some postings have indicated that it may do that. Thank you.

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Thermage treats lax upper neck and chin area well

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I think that you can treat the upper neck laxity very safely with the Thermage. There is a new upgrade, called the CPT, which is more comfortable and more effective. It adds vibration to the tip. I don't feel that fat loss is an issue anymore. The heating levels are much less then they were before. I have treated one person recently with the body tip (not the 16.0 - which is a combo of 4 body tips) and there were no side effects. The 16.0 does 400 shots, the body tip does 1200, so you would get slightly more treatment with the 16.0. It you're not going to have surgery, the Thermage is the way to go.

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