Thermage or Titan for Loose Skin After Pregnancy

My profile picture is what my stomach looks like 2 years after giving birth to my son,but I will include to pictures below. My husband wants to have another child but I am really unhappy with how my stomach looks right now. My stomach feels hard when I press it but it's covered by all that extra skin. Is thermage or titan a good idea to get rid of the skin? I work out daily and eat right. I'm not overweight or anything this is my only problem.

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The success with Thermage depends on your expectations.  It will not give you the results of a tummy-tuck,,,but it is the best thing you can do without surgery.  I'd suggest that you don't consider a tummy tuck until you're done having kids, although I've done tummy tucks on people who had kids afterward and their abdomen's retained generally nice appearances.  If you're planning another pregnancy then I would hold off with surgery now.  In this case, if things are really bothering you, then Thermage with other skin tightening techniques are a good option.


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The abdominal skin after a pregnancy is distended to varying degrees,

.If the distention is mild, such as it appears to be in your case, one or two treatments with Thermage may be quite beneficial.

However, you may want to have another pregnancy and it is difficult to predict how your abdomen will look after your next pregnancy or pregnancies.

If it still looks as it does now (which is in fact possible) a Thermage treatment or a series of two or three may be quite helpful. Otherwise a tummy tuck would be the only option.

Please take your time to discuss this with your husband.

Nonsurgical skin tightening for abdomen after pregnancy has minimal effects

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Although I believe that Thermage and Titan are both very good technologies, once skin has been stretched with pregnancy the response is minimal. Unfortunately the same thing applies for exercise and diet; if loose skin could be toned with exercise, we would send our patients to the gym instead of doing tummy tucks! Best to save your money for now and consider a tummy tuck when you are done having children.

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