Thermage and Smart Lipo vs. Tummy Tuck and Smart Lipo

I'm cosidering having surgery and have had a couple of opinions (previous patients) that suggest smart lipo + thermage as opposed to mini abdominoplasty + smart lipo. I want to hit the thigh, abdomen and hip area (not too much hip, i like the curve) I mucked around with some photos. Here are some stats also: Age: 20 Weight: 170ish (have been lower - maximum weight was 120kg during childhood) Height: 5'7

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Lipo not an alternative to tummy tuck

Two issues: One, for the lipo areas, any version will give you a good result regardless of whether the laser is used or not. Two: for the abdomen, the reason for using Thermage is to get additional skin tightening, and there is evidence that the laser can help with this also. I did a study a few years ago where we proved that the skin contracts 40% more when Thermage is applied immediately following the lipo as compared to lipo alone; with Smart lipo and other laser procedures, there can be some shrinkage but not as much. However, if the skin is lax enough that  a mini abdominoplasty has been recommended, it is unlikely that one of these other options will be a good alternative. Your plastic surgeon can advise you best on this after personally examining you.

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