Will Thermage Help Sagging Knees on Thin Person?

i am 44, w/ youthful Face. Over the years, as most women, i've gained/lost "same 10Lbs"; now past 8-9 yrs i am Chron. UNDERweight due to neck injury. My KNEES/Elbows (a bit) and Butt (excerise can help this), the skin that folds in wrinkles So badly, w/ uneven fat hanging over 'knobs' on KNEES and butt, which is Unforutante as i Live in Hawaii! HOW DID Demi Moore do w/No scars? Will Thermage work for tightening or could i use a filler such as sculptra to even out the fat is 'bulging' over kneecaps...and i am so thin!! Mahalo, HELP! Thank You!

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Thermage for knees

Thermage may or may not give you the results you desire. In my opinion, it is the best non-surgical way to tighten skin; however, non-surgical skin tightening has it limits and may only tighten the skin a small amount with each treatment. More than one treatment may give better results. I only do thermage body treatments on thin patients with loose, thin, freely moveable skin as I think these patients do best witht the treatment. I do believe thermage to be very safe - the unpredictable part is in results not in risk of bad outcome.

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