How Long Do Thermage Results Last?

I am thinking about getting Thermage for my turkey neck and some facial skin tightening but I don't want to have to go back every year for more treatment series to maintain the effect.  How long do Thermage results typically last, and how likely is it that several maintenance treatments will be required?

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Thermage works for skin tightening when you have good quality skin

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If you have a turkey neck with lots of wrinkled skin then you will not be a good candidate for this procedure.  Unfortunately it sounds like you have so much extra skin that you may be better served investing in a lower face lift,


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Dear patient,

Depending on your age and skin laxity, the effects of Thermage will typically last for a minimum of 2 years. The results of Thermage are permanent; however Thermage doesn’t stop the natural aging process of our skin, therefore maintenance treatments may be required once or twice following your first treatment for optimal tightening.

Teanoosh Zadeh, MD, FRCSC
Montreal Plastic Surgeon

Thermage results

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Thermage results typicallys last 2 or more year's. Maintenance treatments depend on the severity of the skin laxity, and life style of the patient; these numbers can vary person to person.

Good Luck.

Sofia Rubbani, MD
Tucson Ophthalmologist

Themage Does Not Correct Turkey Neck and facial Skin Laxity

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Themage Not Ideal for loose skin so I predict you will be very unhappy as you will still have a turkey neck and loose skin after Thermage.

Thermage has noticeable but very limited results.Like other skin resurfacing procedures it tends to tighten the skin to an extent to smooth some of the fine lines, improve pigment problems and diminish pore size. What they do NOT do well is to minimize jowls and other signs of facial soft tissue laxity. Only a  facelift will take care of this problem in a significant fashion. This is why satisfaction after Thermage treatments are rated so low

You will need more than Thermage

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I have been performing Thermage treatments for about 6 years. Obviously, I believe in the technology and, "yes", I have seen good results from the treatments. During this time, I have tried a number of different protocols to help my patients obtain the best possible results.

The patients who acheive the best results are in need of just a bit of skin tightening -- in this case the results from one or two Thermage treatments appear to last about 12-24 months.

Unfortunately, Thermage treatments are limited in what can be achieved...For example, patients with very loose skin or very thin skin tend to be disappointed with the results that are obtained. In my opinion, a patient who desires to see significant improvement in the appearance of a "turkey neck" will need to look at other procedures that can deliver more than what Thermage can do.

Adam Summers, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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