Thermage for Loose Upper Arm Skin?

I am considering Thermage for my arms. I am slim and workout, but still have loose skin on my upper arms, will it help?

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Thermage Upper Arms

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Thermage is an excellent treatment for upper arms when treating loose skin. It is a very common procedure thats safe and effective. I recommend topical anesthetic be applied to the treatment area so that the patient may have a comfortable experience. Depending on the severity of the skin laxity the treatment might need to be done more than once, but typically thermage patients only need 1 treatment.

Good Luck

Sofia Rubbani, MD

Tucson Ophthalmologist

Thermage will help loose skin on your arms

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With the new Thermage body tip we have been able to help patients with loose skin on the upper arms.The procedure in this area may have to be repeated a number of times.

Thermage in this area however could be painful so some sort of oral analgesics will have to be used before the procedure.

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