Thermage for Jowls Without Losing Facial Fat?

I would like to address my jowls that are beginning to appear. I am considering Thermage but I do not want to lose any of the fat in my already thin face. Am I a good candidate for Thermage?

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Thermage to tighten jowls

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Skin tightening through the use of radio frequency may be effective for you as it recoils loose collagen and spurs new collagen formation. The effects are typically subtle and you should not expect a full return of sharp definition. Thermage used at the proper settings should not cause you to lose fat in your skin. It is only the stacking of pulses (not recommended) that would result in fat degradation.

However, since you mention you don't want to lose facial fat so this leads me to suspect you may have some existing volume deficiency. If this is the case, investigating the use of a filler or collagen stimulator to restore that volume loss could be helpful.

Volume loss is a natural occurrence in most of us as we age and is more noticeable in maturing women who start to look a little gaunt or someone who has lost a substantial amount of weight. A collagen-catalyst such as Sculptra can have the impact of restoring a more youthful plumping in designated areas that essentially fill the volume deficient areas and, as a consequence, "lift" areas below such as the jowl.

All this is of course dependent upon your facial structure and where you might have natural facial fat loss. In some instances other filler materials (such as Radiesse) can have similar effect in rebalancing the facial contours with a injected product.

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Thermage for jowls

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If Thermage is used as directed by the manufacturer, there is no loss of fat, called fat atrophy.  Multiple passes, at the recommended energy level and pattern grid, give the desired results of tightening and lifting without fat atrophy.  The Thermage CPT, the newest model, gives the best results. 

If you have a thin face, you may consider Sculptra injections which thicken skin or a dermal filler to add volume.

Make sure you consult with a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon to see which treatments would be best for you.

Martie Gidon, MD, FRCPC
Toronto Dermatologist

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