Thermage for Indentations on Cheeks?

I am considering Thermage to soften indentation on my cheeks (see image). I am worried about potential risks involving fat loss and irreg surfaces. Doctor recommended double-shots and did mention using a lower setting. The area the laser would be used is a triangular btwn cheek lines and lower eyes.

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Thermage to shape the cheeks

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For the indentations/hollowing that you are concerned about I would suggest a filler like Radiesse or one of the Hyaluronic acid fillers or even Sculptra if you don't mind waiting for the results to become more noticeable.  Thermage is not really meant to be a contouring procedure to fill indentations.  You would be better served with Thermage if you are interested in overall skin tightening and collagen stimulation. Generally the hollows you speak of are from facial volume and fat loss therefore you wouldn't want to stack pulses to potentially cause more fat loss.  You need to add volume, not subtract.


Good luck!

Dr. Grant Stevens 

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