Will Higher Thermage Levels Cause Problems?

My dermatologist uses the highest level on me during Thermage like she uses on a man, she says. She has the latest tip, but I would like to know if the higher the level, the more chance of problems like fat melting? 

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Thermage levels

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As long as your dermatologist follows company guidelines, there should be no problem with fat melting.  If you find that the treatment is extremely painful, rather than just uncomfortable, let your dermatologist know so she can adjust the settings.

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Thermage settings should be individualized

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In the early days of Thermage, issues like fat melting became a problem and these have been pretty much eliminated by changing the way the treatments are delivered. Key to these changes is setting the energy level according to feedback from the patient; this reflects the body's "impedance" or ability of the skin to absorb the energy, which varies from person to person. Too high and it does become risky. Using these guidelines, results are more predictable and the procedure is much safer.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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