Can Thermage Help Breast Implant Capture Construction? Or Will it Make It Worse?

I have 3rd grade C.C. on one side and minor loose skin , I am planning to have thermage for my breast loose skin, and not sure the thermage may help the C.C. or make them even worse ?

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Capsular contracture

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I do not know who is advising you but minor loose skin in the presence of capsular contracture is best treated by releasing/removing the capsule. That will allow the the implant to fill the skin envelope to a greater degree instead of having an envelope inside an envelope effect. Sometimes endermology can stretch out the capsule so it is not so contracted depending on the severity of the contracture and how long it has been present.

I personally would not waste time or money on thermage in this situation. It is likely I have a hammer so everything is a nail scenario.

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Thermage for breast skin and capsular contracture

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I no of no evidence to show that Thermage will have any effect on capsular contracture.  In addition, it does not have a good track record for long-term skin tightening in my opinion.  I would save your money as you will likely need a surgical revision to correct the capsular contracture, and possibly a breast lift for your loose skin.

Thermage and Breast Implants

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I would highly discourage this.  I do not believe there would be any benefit to having this treatment done. 

Hope this helps.


Dr. Grant Stevens

Thermage for Loose breast skin and Capsules? Yikes!

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It sounds as though you have three problems:  1.  A capsular contracture, 2. too much breast skin, and 3. a doctor that is encouraging you to do a procedure that will have no effect on either problem one or two.  You will waste time, energy and money on the thermage. I think you have been given advice by a nonsurgeon .  Find a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.    

Thermage and loose breast skin/capsular contracture

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I have not seen any studies that Thermage helps with either loose/lax breast skin or capsular contracture.  I would ask for evidence that it works before paying for it. 

Thermage for loose breast skin?

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I know of no evidence that Thermage is appropriate for breast skin laxity.  In fact, applying heat to the deeper breast tissues would potentially not be a good idea in my opinion.  Plus, it for sure won't help with grade 3 capsules. 

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