Is Thermage Good for Tightening Under Eye Creepiness?

I love botox, but it causes my big cheeks to move UP instead of to the side & up (cause of crows feet).. so, it's working to prevent more crows feet, but it's causing a lot of under eye horizontal wrinkles. Would thermage tighten the under eye crepiness? Or is there another solution?

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Lower eyelids...

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Thermage is a skin tightening works by actually increasing the elastic property of the skin so, yes, you should see some tightening of the lower eyelid skin if it's used properly.  There are other skin-tightening technologies that work by different principles and also may have some advantages in your case.  At the Aesthetic Laser Group we use several of these technologies together which improves the results even more.  If you submit photos I can better advise you.  I am a plastic surgeon and I would suggest that, if you're considering using any of these technologies, that you seek an evaluation by a Plastic Surgeon who is involved with the center.  The reason why I say this is not because I think we're superior- but, when it comes to eyelid issues, surgery is still the treatment of choice in some situations and, unfortunately, when you're evaluated by someone other than a Plastic Surgeon for these technologies, the surgical options don't seem to exist.  I have seen many patients who I do not think are candidates for skin-tightening after they've had these procedures elsewhere and are disappointed.  A Plastic Surgen familiar with these devices has every tool in the toolbox available for you and isn't limited in his recommendations simply because some of the tools aren't available to him as you'll find with dermatologists or internists using these devices.  In this economic climate, many doctors are reluctant to refer cosmetic patients...a sad truth.  Anyway, feel free to post photos so I can better advise you.  Scott Newman, MD FACS

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