Is Thermage a Good Way to Correct Mild Tear Trough Deformity?

What is the best option to correct tear trough deformity?

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Tear Trough Deformity and Thermage

Not knowing specifically what you mean by deformity, it's hard to provide any specific guidance. If you refer to loss of fat under the eye, then a heat based treatment would likely have no effect and potentially the opposite of what you want.

Gel fillers are routinely used for filling in the tear trough and a dermatologist, plastic surgeon or ophthalmologist with lots of this kind of experience would be able to make some appropriate recommendations. 

Hyaluronic gels are temporary and dissolvable, so if this was a selected option and you didn't like the outcome, you could have the gel dissolved. But still, be picky about any physician who is performing treatments around your eyes.

If you are willing to post a photo, I'm sure you can get a better response from this forum.

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