Thermage for Jaw + Chin? (photo)

I have read the side effects of Thermage. I see in photos the recognizable over pronunciation of the eye brow bone + tight upper eye lid due to Thermage... Can this be controlled? my concern is my jaw and chin? Will you recommend only doing half of the face? or will it look uneven? Are there better treatments? I want a very natural look and not the botox scared of v forhead look either.Who are the best doctors in NYC, manhattan?

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Thermage for chinline

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Unfortunately, the photo doesn't adequately demonstrate the condition of your neck. The nonsurgical methods have limited efficacy if the aging effects are significant, in which case a neck lift may be required. I have never seen the over pronunciation effect that you are referring to in that Thermage does not produce this level of tightening It is possible that the patient may have combined it with Botox, etc. I would recommend that you see a board certified plastic surgeon. Cosmetic surgery, when approprately performed, does not produce a frozen appearance. Dr K

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