Best Skin Tightening Laser for Eyelids?

I Have Had Thermage on my Eyes and Face. I notice the results on the face more than the eyes. I'm wanting to do another procedure to tighten the skin on my eyelid. I don't want surgery. I don''t feel I need it yet. I'm still in my mid thirties and have good skin. If not, can anything other than Thermage be used on the lid? I was told e matrix but I don't need resurfacing. I'm not wrinkly, it just needs a little tightening because it looks a little puffy.Thanks.

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Eyelid skin tightening

Hi there-

I agree with my colleague from LA...

If your problem is puffiness, there is not going to be any non-invasive or minimally invasive treatment that provides you improvement.

Thermage is painful and (in my opinion) simply doesn't work... Lasers will not penetrate deeply enough to help the problem you describe.

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Treatment of eyelid bags

I would suggest you save your time and money. Puffiness is usually due to aging changes well below the skin surface and most lasers do not penetrate that deeply. We had thermage in my office and my associates used it. I was never impressed with it and the novelty seems to have worn off of them as well. e matrix is similar to thermage in that radiofrequency is applied for deeper penetration than most lasers.

Puffiness is usually due to laxity of the septum that holds fat back so the fat begins to protrude. In my experience surgery is the most reliable alternative although I cannot say that is true in your case. I have seen radiofrequency used to obliterate this protruding fat but the results were not good or reliable because it is very hard to exactly control the amount of fat obliterated. This leads to over or under treatment and right left asymmetry.

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