Do I Need to Protect my Dental Work Before I Get Thermage Treatments?

After a report by the FDA in 2004, Thermage published a Technical note to protect dental work with cotton rolls. Is it still recommended to protect dental work? If so, what happens if I don't?

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Thermage and your teeth

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Thermage with the new CPT technology really has no real effect on teeth.  I have been using it without any discomfort on patients and they have had no side effects. Please let me know how your treatment goes. I love Thermage! 

Thermage and your teeth

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Thank you for your question!

Protecting the dental work is easy to do- you can place dental pleggets over the teeth for the time period that the area is being treated.

The new Thernage CPT is a fantastic new upgrade to decrease the discomfort of the treatment and improve the results of skin tightening!

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Trevor M Born MD

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