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For facial skin tightening what would be the BEST option? I have been reading the reviews and advice but am still unsure.

Specifically, my eyebrows are getting slightly lower, which is making my eyelids disappear, and the corners of my mouth are drooping which makes me appear angry (even when I'm not). Around Nashville, Thermage CPT is $3300 for full face and Ulthera is $4000; not sure about Titan. Which would be best? Is Ulthera worth the extra $? A little more $ is worth it for great results

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Which method of noninvasive skin tightening is best?

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You pose an excellent question.  Unfortunately, there isn't a simple, easy answer.  I have extensive experience with all 3 technologies.  i would cross Titan off of the list as it is the least predictable in my experience.  Both Thermage and Ulthera have been shown to produce improvement in both the upper and lower face.  The amount of improvement can be quite variable ranging from minimal to superb with both technologies. Thermage has been around for nearly 10 years and has been used in over 1,000,000 patient treatments. Ulthera is newer and shows great promise.  Your best option is to have someone who is experienced with both technologies examine you and review the risks and benefits of each.

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There have been no side by side comparative studies for these 3 modalities of skin tightening and probably there will not be any in the future.

Thermage uses Radiofrequency, Titan uses Infra Red and Ulthera uses Ultrasound.

Thermage has been used since 1993 and Titan since 1995. Ulthera has only recently been approved for treatment (less than a year). 

Thermage,thus, has the longest record of efficacy and safety and has evolved the most.

Thermage has recently introduced a new handpiece which reduces pain to a very comfortable level.

Make sure that you sre being treated by a qualified  Board Certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon.

For before and after photos of Thermage, pl. visit our website.

Make sure tha


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