Thermage CPT : Do You Still See Patients with Fat Melting Issues from Recent Treatment?

Hi, I am a 43yo male considering Thermage. That was recommended to me by a plastic surgeon who also has a medspa practice. However another surgeon who specializes in facial surgery recommended a surgical lift (this one does not offer thermage). I'm ok with surgery (had hair transplants before) but I'd prefer to avoid the 2 weeks downtime. My fear with Thermage is fat loss. Do doctors still see fat melting issue with patients who were treated with the latest generation Thermage? Thanks!

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Fat melting

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Any 'heat generating' technology has the potential to cause fat reduction.  Obviously there are situations where this is a good thing and others, as you describe, where it is not.  One of the advantages to the latest Thermage CPT system compared to other devices on the market is how well the depth can be 'tuned'.  This was clearly an issue with older generations of devices- Thermage included.  In my practice we use four different skin-tightening technologies on each patient- the first treatment of the series is with Thermage.  We don't see the effects of fat loss that you discuss.  This is completely dependent on how the device is set and used- not merely a function of the device itself.  Used properly, the results with Thermage definitely are impressive.  I am a Plastic Surgeon in New York and I definitely feel that Thermage has a place- especially in my patients who really don't have dramatic issues that only a facelift can handle.

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Fat melting with the new thermage

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The Thermage C .P.T. (Comfort Pulse Technology) is the newest  version of Thermage treatment.

When Thermage first came on the scene, several years ago, some  treatments resulted in thermal damage to the fat.

That happened only  a very few times, when the practitioner got too aggressive. To my knowledge, this has not happened recently.

With the new handle, the pain  is much less of an issue than in the past and the procedure can be done faster{bigger head}.

As allways, make sure that you are being treated by a Board Certified, experienced Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon.

Eugene Mandrea, MD
Chicago Dermatologist
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