Which Should I Do First Thermage on Chin and Neck or Face Peel?

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Thermage and Peels....

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I like to tell patients they can get Thermage done first and then the a facial peel.  Depending on  the intensity of the Peel, I will recommend you wait at least 1 day in between.

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Peel versus thermage are two entirely different procedures with different goals

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A peel will work on skin discoloration and pigmentation and some fine lines for overall skin texture and complexion.  Thermage does not work on any of those.  Thermage TIGHTENS the skin around the lower face and jowels.  So, the answer really is what is your problem area and what most bothers you? Then choose the procedure accordingly.

The fraxel dual laser may be the best choice of all for you to start with!

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