Will Thermage Affect Injectable Fillers?


Will Thermage affect injectables, in particular Radiesse? I've had it placed in my cheeks and nasolabial folds recently. Should I wait a certain period of time after receiving the injections before having Thermage?

Thank you.

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Thermage can affect certain fillers if used too soon post injection

I suggest waiting 6 weeks or longer following injections of any filler before Thermage. Actually, a reverse order would have been preferred since the results of Thermage may have reduced the need for as much filler material.

Because Radiesse is not a "meltable" product, the heat from Thermage should not be a concern. But, because most patients experience some dermal swelling that can last for some time, it will be best to let the filler settle and all non visible swelling to be resolved prior to other treatments.

There have been instances of hyaluronic gels breaking down when heat treatments were used too quickly following injection. Patience is a virtue in seeking multiple treatment effects.

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