Is There Any Virginity Surgery to Keep Intact Hymen for Marriage?

In India country there is very great importance for virginity of a girl who I is getting married so what should a gal must to for virgin before marriage if she deflorated

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Hymen Repair

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Yes, the hymen can be repaired, or reconstructed following first sexual intercourse. It is a relatively simple outpatient procedure which we perform under general anesthesia. Surgery itself takes less than an hour and is generally very successful. The postoperative course is generally very easy with little pain and discomfort. Good luck

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Repair Hymen "For Marriage"?

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Yes, it is possible to “repair” the hymen for the reasons you mentioned in the question (cultural concerns).

 Best wishes.

Hyman repair

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Hymanoplasty is the term used to describe rconstructing a broken hyman (typically following first time intercourse).  It is not uncommonly performed to mask the fact that a girl/women has had sexual intercourse prior to marriage.  Glad to help.. @drryanstanton

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Virginity Surgery to Keep Intact Hymen for Marriage

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I certainly understand the importance of your concern. As many as 30 % of women with an intact #hymen will not #bleed with their first intercourse.  This, of course, can create great trauma in many #cultures that insist that a virgin should bleed on her first intimacy with her new husband.  Such is also influential with social value in determining a woman’s chasteness and the paternity of her children.

However, it is always possible for a hymen to be torn through a variety of physical activities including horseback riding, dancing, athletics, bicycle riding, gymnastics or while inserting a tampon.

Hymen #restoration surgery is intended to repair or #reconstruct a woman’s hymen to restore her to her “virginal” anatomy.  This simple surgical #procedure has also been termed Virginity Surgery, Restore Virginity Surgery, Virginity Repair, and Hymen repair surgery.

The actual surgery is fairly simple. It involves freshening the mucosal edges then sewing the tissues together, usually in two layers, while reducing the size of the hymen opening to about 1.0-2.0 cm in diameter. Dissolving sutures are used and the procedure can be done with local #anesthesia in an office surgery room.  Oral sedation can be given if the patient desires. If my patient is very anxious then we can discuss using intravenous sedation or even a general #anesthetic.

It is imperative to find a surgeon who is #board certified for your #hymenoplasty and greatly experienced in this procedure.

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Thank you for your question.  I assume that what you are asking is how do you regain a hymen similar to a virgin.  A hymenoplasty can be performed for women who wish to reconstruct the hymen.  Some common reasons for the surgery are so that they can bleed on their wedding night and so that their new partner is not aware of their loss of virginity.  This procedure is an outpatient procedure.  There is no guarantee that bleeding will occur after the first sexual encounter after a hymenoplasty.  I would recommend a consultation with an experienced cosmetic genital surgeon.  Best of luck.    

Jeffrey S. Palmer, MD, FACS, FAAP (Cosmetic Urologist -- Cleveland, Ohio)


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Hymenoplasty is as surgical procedure to reconstruct the hymen. It is a relatively quick procedure performed under local anesthesia and the recovery is quick and painless. Healing time until sex is 6 weeks minimum.

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