Is There an Upper Blepharoplasty Procedure to Remove Skin & Fat WITHOUT the Creation of Double Eyelid?

Hi, I'm an Asian female in my late twenties, and I have puffy hooded eyelids (excess skin and fat) with no crease/fold. They weigh down on my eyelashes and make my eyes appear sleepy and smaller. I would like to undergo upper blepharoplasty, though I am hesitant if it involves a creation of a crease or double eyelid where the incision will be. Is there a procedure to remove excess skin and fat WITHOUT the creation of the crease? I want to look better, but not starkly different.

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Subtle asian eyelid surgery

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It is very possible to achieve your goal but you want to consult with an experienced Asian eyelid surgeon.  You can do a partial skin removal and fat reduction through that incision.  Make sure the fat removal is conservative as the fat will thin with age anyhow.  You can look very much like yourself afterwards.

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Single Asian upper lids may be desired

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It is possible to reduce puffiness without creation of an anchored fold.  This involves a lower incision to keep the fold from forming, so your Asian eyelid would not be so different.

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