Is there any type of surgery that can be done to get rid of dark circles under the eyes?

My eyes aren't puffy they are just black and i want to find out what is the best option. Fillers and injectors seem temporary, is that correct? Under eye blepharoplasty just seems to deal with under eye puffiness and not the dark color i am experiencing.

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Lower eye circles….. best treatment options

There are many reasons for lower eye circles and without a picture its difficult to suggest a specific treatment for you. I have just posted on my Facebook at about lower eye circles so feel free to look there for my thoughts on different treatment options. Good luck!

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Dark Color Under Eyes causing "Dark Circles"

Lower eyelids can have dark circles for a number of reasons. One is because of contour. In this case there is a groove that we call a "tear trough". The groove catches a shadow and this results in dark circles. This is fixed with filling the groove either temporarily (injectables) or permanently with surgery.

The other 2 reasons are from pigment in the skin (melanin) or from skin that is somewhat transparent. Neither of these is fixable with surgery or fillers. Perhaps laser resurfacing or topical bleaching creams may help with pigment, but it often is the case that it simply can't be fixed. For these people the only solution is makeup designed to brighten the skin.

Finally, you may have multiple reasons. Often times surgery or injectable fillers will make the situation much better, but some darkness persists from the transparent skin or pigment in the skin.

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