Are there any treatment options available for under eye veins on really thin skin? (photos)

22 y/o female. I have the worst under eye circles I have ever seen and very thin skin. What really concerns me is the visible blue veins under my eyes. I feel like I can live with the discolouration, but the blue veins make me very self conscious. Is there any treatments? Would laser treatments be possible if my skin is so thin? This is really starting to affect my life and self esteem. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Laser for vessels

The Cutera Excel V KTP laser has been very effective in reducing the appearance of vessels in the eye area. 

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Blue Veins under the eyes

I treat a lot of blue and red veins around the eye and in the temple area. This is an excellent treatment that can dramatically improve the appearance of this area. One treatment is all that is usually needed and it is a quick treatment. There is usually no downtime with this treatment. I have included a link so that you can see photos of patients that I have treated with the Cooltouch Varia for this problem (look under "vein treatment')

William Groff, DO
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Long Pulsed Yag Laser for Under Eye Veins

Hi A22.  We commonly treat the veins under the eyes and all areas of the face with a long pulsed yag laser.  The two that we own are the Sciton Profile and the Laserscope Lyra.  What's more important than the brand of the laser is the type (long pulsed yag) and also the operator.  Just because the practitioner is using the right type of laser does not mean they will be able to clear the veins.  Find someone that does this regularly and can show you photos of their own patients to back it up.  

You can find before and after photos of facial vein removal in Los Angeles at the link below.  Good luck.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
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