Is There a Treatment for Gum Disease over the Counter?

Is There a Treatment for Gum Disease over the Counter?

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Treatments for Gum Disease

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Toothbrush (Electric is best), toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, proxy-brushes and rubber tips.  These are the dental tools that you can use at home that will mitigate whatever damage your periodontal disease has already caused.  In most circumstances gum disease is caused by multiple factors (genetics, diet) but most importantly inadequate oral hygiene.

You will likely still need professional help to treat your gum disease; this may include scaling and root planning, anti-microbial medicine placed under your gums or even gum surgery.  What I can tell you is that without great oral hygiene, your results will be sub-optimal and will not last.  So go out and buy up all the dental tools you can and use them.  Good luck.

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