Is There Any Treatement for Ptosis Other Than Taking Tablets? (photo)

I was sufering from last 6months with ptosis along with diplopia for both eyes and blur vision for right eye. the effect of ptosis is much on right eye. I have consulted the doctor they are suggesting me to use a huge amount of medicine for 3 to4 months period but i am anable to bear that dose and stopped using them. Now my age is 18yrs. Can u suggest me any other way to get cured?

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Myasthenia Gravis

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The condition you are describing is likely Myasthenia Gravis, a neuromuscular condition that should be treated medically, and not surgically. You need to be seen by a Neuro-ophthalmologist.

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you need to see an opthalmologist and a neurologist.

you may have weakness of the muscles that keep the eye lids open

or you may have a neurologic or autoimmune situation that may need to be addressed.  The most important bit of information is to WHY there is a ptosis.  once that is known then the proper treatment regimen may be given.  It may be surgical or medical or both but without knowing the reason behind the ptosis its impossible to say how this should be treated

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