Is There Anything I Can Do During the Healing Process to Keep Implants from Spreading Apart? (photo)

Revision from 350 to 650hp Silicon? I had a revision due to the fact i was not happy with the size and position of my implants.I feel as though it is partly fault of original ps pocket placement and the fact that i do bodybuilding and pushed them out even more. I am thrilled with my new implants so far.I did not have capusullorraphy new ps just released pocket toward cleavage. Is there anything i can do as far as wearing a certain type of bra that will hold them in during healing to keep them from spreading apart, and when sleeping?

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Keep Implants from Spreading Apart

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This is a surprisingly nice outcome given the starting point!

Wearing a good support bra, underwire if possible extending to support the lateral breast will help.

Avoiding chest exercise will be essential. Body builders have strong pectoral muscles which when flexed exert outward forces on the implants causing lateral displacement. For most patients I suggest a six week delay. But for a body builder than needed a revision surgery, I would say 6 months. Congratualtions on the outcome of your recent surgery. All the best. 

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

What should I avoid?

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It looks like you have a widely-spaced breast configuration.  The keys for you are getting implants that are the right width, having the pocket opened nicely in the medial (cleavage) area, and not on the outside part of the pocket (lateral).

Please avoid any pec exercises.  No push ups, pec-deck, flys, bnech press or anything else that works the pec for at least 6 months.  Also avoid the abdominal machines where you press your breasts against a pad to do a crunch motion.

And wear a good bra 24/7.

Hope that helps!  Best of luck!

Breast implant surgery revision

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You seem to be doing fine at this time.  If the pocket was released with a capsulotomy medially but not laterally, particularly since you went larger with the implants, you should stay in good shape for medial fullness.  Limit your exercising that involve chest exercises, however.  Pectoral muscle contracture may still have some influence for chest implant migration.


Good luck to you.


Frank Rieger M.D.  Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Prevention of Lateral Breast Implant Migration?

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Congratulations on having undergone successful revisionary breast surgery. I would suggest that you use a good  supportive sports bra.  Generally, I advise my patients to stay away from push-ups, bench press and other pectoralis major strenuous exercise for as long as possible after breast surgery.

 Best wishes.

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