Is there a test that can tell conclusively that all silicone was removed. Why months later painful recovery?

Original surgeon won't even look at me anymore when I come to office. Help Linda. I was told it will be 6 weeks before they can put saline in and it will hurt just as bad and take months to heal. I just had ruptured silicone scrapped out. Woke up with 2 drains instead of saline implants. Surgeon said my skin was too thin.

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Timing Breast Re-Augmentation After Rupture

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In most cases, breast re-augmentation can be performed at the time of the removal of ruptured silicone implants. If, however, there is extensive scarring present, thinning of the overlying skin, or signs of infection, a conservative approach is to perform delayed breast re-augmentation. Drains are often required to remove excess fluid and prevent the development of seromas (fluid collections).

"Delayed" often means 4-6 months after the original procedure. This allows for the tissues to heal, scarring to occur, and any infection to be completely cleared.

At your subsequent re-augmentation there are two options to help provide more coverage over your implants (thinning of the skin and breast tissue are common following multiple breast implant procedures):

1. "Composite" breast augmentation: This involves breast implant placement and fat grafting. Fat is harvested from the abdomen via liposuction and injected in small amounts throughout the breast to provide a thicker soft tissue envelope. Fat grafting to the breast, however, has not been studied long term.

2. Alloplastic Re-Augmentation: This involves using acellular dermis (processed human skin) as a "sling" under the breast implant. The sling allows for more support to the implant and less tension/force on the overlying native skin. This technique is used frequently in breast reconstruction procedures.

Be patient with the healing process and don't be afraid to seek a second opinion. Breast re-augmentation can be complex and requires the expertise of a board certified plastic surgeon to determine the safest and best course of action.

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